Combining Cannabis With
Professional Skin Care

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There are literally thousands of recipes all over the internet telling you how to infuse cannabis with coconut oil to make cannabis creams. Spoiler alert – these are not creams.
I have been designing cosmetics products for decades now with mainstream businesses, high end spas and even Hollywood royalty in my client base.
Successful products need to be sophisticated, elegant, feel superb and on a practical level, be stable and safe from contamination.
I will be sharing my knowledge with you on how to use modern emulsifiers and preservatives correctly. How to select the best oils for infusing your cannabis and what actives will enhance your products even further.

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Photograph of a golden fractal illustrating the fractal nature of Fragonia™ Essential Oil.

Fragonia™ Essential Oil

Fragonia™ Essential Oil is a pale yellow, thin oil with a fresh, cineolic aroma that has notes of fruity florals and slightly spicy cinnamon with a balsamic undertone. The overall impression is very green, fresh and uplifting. It is made by steam distillation of the leaves and twigs of the plant. Scientific Name Fragonia™ Essential

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Photograph of a Canadian forest from which Black Spruce Essential Oil is produced.

Black Spruce Essential Oil

Black Spruce Essential Oil is a clear to pale yellow oil that is thin and fluid. It is obtained from steam distillation of the needles and twigs of the Black Spruce tree. Typically, it comes from Canada where it is the dominant tree in the boreal forest and an important part of the ecosystem. Scientific

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Photo of a male and female running having used a Muscle Rub before exercise.

Muscle Rub

A Muscle Rub is designed to be multi functional. The application of it before exercise will stimulate the microcirculation in the area it is applied to, and start to warm up the muscle. As you know, warming up before any exercise is important to reduce potential injury to the muscles. Ideally, the product should have

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