Combining Cannabis With
Professional Skin Care

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There are literally thousands of recipes all over the internet telling you how to infuse cannabis with coconut oil to make cannabis creams. Spoiler alert – these are not creams.
I have been designing cosmetics products for decades now with mainstream businesses, high end spas and even Hollywood royalty in my client base.
Successful products need to be sophisticated, elegant, feel superb and on a practical level, be stable and safe from contamination.
I will be sharing my knowledge with you on how to use modern emulsifiers and preservatives correctly. How to select the best oils for infusing your cannabis and what actives will enhance your products even further.

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image of a snow covered fir tree with a text overlay "5 ways to use black spruce essential oil"

5 Ways To Use Black Spruce Essential Oil

5 Ways To Use Black Spruce Essential Oil I first came across Black Spruce Essential Oil when I was on a perfumery training course. In perfumery, it brings a sweet, floral undertone and helps to hold a blend together. It is unmistakably a pine oil, but it smells very crisp, slightly green, and fresh, with

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ways to kick start your mornings - offyourfacecreams: Do you need more energy in the mornings? Do you struggle to keep alert throughout the day? Here are five ways to can get more energy while staying calm and in control.

5 Ways To Kick Start Your Mornings

5 Ways To Kick Start Your Mornings I have done a range of different shift work jobs in my life and getting started in the morning (whatever time that happened to be) was always the biggest struggle. When working for the police in London, we had shifts that started at 6 am, 8 am, 10

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Photograph of a Tamanu tree from which Tamanu Oil is made.

Tamanu Oil

Native to Polynesia and Tropical Asia, the Tamanu Tree is a very functional part of day to day life. It is often planted in hedgerows and along the side of roads as an effective windbreak which stops a lot of wind erosion to the soil. The timber of the tree is not usually large enough

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