A Review of the POT by NOIDS Herbal Infuser

A review of the POT by NOIDS Herbal Infuser, so let’s get something clear right from the start: NOIDS is pronounced just the same way it is said at the end of the word “cannabinoids”, so yes, the PBN works with cannabis. In fact, that it was what it was specifically designed for, but it can work with so much more than just cannabis.

What is a POT by NOIDS infuser?

POT by NOIDS infuser (PBN) is a small, portable device that allows you to easily make your own infused oils and other herbal concoctions. It’s an incredibly simple concept: Pour your herbs into the pot, pour oil over them, and let it sit for a few hours. The result is an herbal-infused oil that you can use in cooking or to make salves and ointments.

One key thing I noted when I first got my PBN was how quickly it arrived. I also have an Ardent FX cannabis machine, and because their invoice in the box clearly states the word “cannabis”, my parcel was held at customs for 3 weeks while they had a think about it. Eventually, it was released, and then I had to pay an extra $60 import tax on top of the shipping I had already paid for! No such problems with the PBN. Firstly, it is called an herbal infuser on the box and that is legally correct – after all, cannabis IS an herb. Mainly though, it was delivered by Amazon logistics and Amazon don’t mess around, they just get stuff delivered, and fast!

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Key features of the POT by NOIDS

The unique feature of the PBN is the heating mechanism. It is unique to the PBN as it monitors and adjusts the temperature in real time. Because it can make these heat adjustments, the temperature used is near constant, and this maximises the complete potential of your herb. Now, compare this to using your oven or a crock pot? Decarboxylating cannabis in either of those results in a really smelly home and a loss of up to 30% of your cannabis!

The algorithm for the heating software has been specifically designed so that no matter how many grams of herbs you have added to the container (within the recommended maximum limit), and no matter how much oil is being infused, the target temperature will be met for the target duration of time.

During the heating process, there are some moments when the exact target temperature is not reached because the PBN algorithm was making necessary adjustments. The algorithm in the PBN doesn’t count those moments into the total cooking time. When processing a small amount of herbs (less than 5 grams), more heat adjustments are needed, and therefore a longer cooking time is needed. That is why the PBN gives a spectrum of time for a full decarb and infusion, because it can vary.

This guarantees the maximum decarboxylation and infusion rate. Read that again, because that is so important and is such a game changer. Perfection takes a little longer – I’m happy to wait.

The other machines on the market have fixed time and temperature settings and no matter how much the temperature fluctuates (both higher and lower), the machine turns itself off after that time. This gives you a less than ideal result – but even that is better than using your oven or a slow cooker. The PBN algorithm and ability to compensate, gives you the maximum decarboxylation and infusion rate. That is why it is now the best machine available.

What are the ideal settings?

This is what the PBN will achieve to give you perfect results;

  • The CBD Decarboxylation will be between 120 – 140 min / 110ºC / 230°F
  • The CBD Oil Infusion will be 180 – 200 min / 100ºC / 212ºF .
  • The THC Decarboxylation will be between 100 – 270 min / 115ºC / 239°F
  • The THC Oil Infusion will be between 160 – 180 min / 100ºC / 212ºF

You will have noticed that the PBN has strain specific settings for CBD dominant varieties and THC dominant varieties. That is simply because the optimal conditions for each strain are different to each other.

Don’t forget that butter is treated the same as an oil, so it is used on this setting as well. Butter burns 150ºC / 300°F, so you can see that it will be perfectly safe in the PBN.

Here is something that just made me smile so much because of the thought the makers have put into it; because of the unique heating mechanism of the PBN, there is no need to pre dry your cannabis before you decarb it. The PBN automatically calculates the optimal processing time needed, because fresh cannabis needs a longer cooking time.

There is something else that makes the PBN such a versatile machine: after you have soaked your decarbed weed in pure alcohol to make a tincture, you can SAFELY evaporate off the alcohol to super concentrate the result.

  • The Ethanol Evaporation is a maximum temperature of 102ºC / 215,6°F

How good is the filter in the POT by Noids?

This is a stroke of genius! You press the filter mesh down to the infused herb and then pour the oil through the glass tube directly into your bottle or container. No mess, no bits of herb, just clean and potent oil. Of course, the dried herb has soaked up some of the oil, so even that can be saved. No messy squeezing it out with a spoon or silicone glove, simply take the mesh off and pour some warm water into the container. Oil and water don’t mix, so the oil floats to the surface. Press the mesh down again and the excess oil can be poured into your bottle – every last drop!

What else can you put in a PBN?

Even more medicinal herbs! I hope that, as you are here reading this, you have already had a look around the rest of my website and know that my passion is formulating skincare. I have done this professionally for decades, and adding cannabis to my products is a fairly recent development for me (and it works incredibly well!).

However, other herbs can be even more specific for different skin problems like eczema and psoriasis. With the PBN, you can now do oil infusions of Calendula (Calendula Officinalis), Horsetail (Equisetum Arvense), Plantain (Plantago Lanceolata), Wild Pansy (Viola Tricolor) and Lady’s Mantle (Alchemilla Vulgaris). These amazingly effective herbs can now easily be used in oil infusions as they are, or can be incorporated into face creams, hand creams and body lotions.

These therapeutic herbs (and many more), do not need decarboxylation like cannabis does. If you have got the dried form of the herbs, go straight to using the PBN on the THC infusion setting. This will give a time and temperature of between 160 – 180 min / 100ºC / 212ºF.

If you are using fresh herbs, then use either of the decarb settings (the CBD decarb setting mostly or the THC decarb setting if the herb is very fleshy and more moist). Cover the beaker with the filter set for better escape of moisture. As stated earlier, they do not need to be decarbed in the same way as cannabis does, it is simply to dry them out a little more so that water does not mix with the oil.

Once you have finally strained and infused the oil, you can use that oil again with a new batch of herbs to increase the flavor or potency (this applies to the cannabis as well).

Obviously, the oil chosen needs to be heat tolerant and suited for the purpose, but I will guide you through which oils to use elsewhere on my website.

Culinary herb infusions

There is a slight cross over here, as I would use Rosemary (Rosmarinus Officinalis) as an herb for therapeutic use in skin care products as well as in an oil dressing for my salads and cooking. Of course, you will have already thought of the obvious ones like chili and garlic, but how about ginger and lime? Cardamom and rosemary? The potential is endless!

How do you clean the PBN?

Oh, that is simplicity itself. The glass container, filter, and tube are all dishwasher safe. To be honest, I find it is so easy to use a quick wash in the sink with dish soap and water, so I don’t bother with the dishwasher. Don’t wash the main machine. It doesn’t get dirty anyway, but if you splash anything on in, just wipe if off with a soapy cloth and dry it afterwards.


  • Separate CBD and THC decarboxylation heat and time levels.
  • Separate CBD and THC oil infusion
  • Ability to make therapeutic non cannabis herbal infusions from fresh or dried herbs.
  • Ability to make culinary oil infusions from fresh or dried herbs.
  • The customer service is excellent. That is so important and something that has been lacking with other companies I have dealt with.
  • Delivery to the UK, The Netherlands, Germany, France & Belgium is within 2 days and the postage is free with no taxes due.
  • Delivery to the rest of Europe is up to 6 days, but again, free shipping and no taxes.
  • Delivery to the US, Australia, Israel and Switzerland is between 4 to 8 days with FREE SHIPPING and NO import taxes or VAT ! Just that knocks the “competitors” into the side of the road. Make way for PBN! (Handy hint – when you order, remember to choose the right plug for your country. The machine works with both 110V and 240V.
  • They even have a free potency calculator on their website that is there for anyone to use. Some cannabis “gurus” charge for their app that does just the same job!


Well, I struggled with this one, because I can’t really think of any. The machine itself is metal and very strong. The glass container is shock resistant borosilicate glass to be heat safe. It is safe to use from -40 °C to 180 °C, so you would have to actually throw it really hard against the wall to actually break it. Even then, they are easy to order a replacement.

Where to buy a POT by NOIDS

This is an affiliate link to the website to give you a discount on the machine. I earn a small amount for this, but at no extra cost to you.


The POT by NOIDs is a device that will help you make the best cannabis oil. It has a separate settings for CBD and THC decarboxylation, an oil infusion setting, a safe ethanol evaporation setting, and it’s great for making culinary oils as well as therapeutic herbal infusions for use in skincare products. This device can be used for many purposes, but with all of these features as well as free shipping and no customs taxes to pay, it’s clear that this is the best machine out there!


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