Snow covered branches of a cedarwood tree and a text overlay "Cedarwood Essential Oil"
Essential Oil

Cedarwood Essential Oil

Cedarwood Essential Oil is a colorless to almost a pale yellow essential oil that is produced by steam distillation of the wood from the red cedar tree. The tree is grown mainly for timber and all the off cuts, trimmings, knotty wood and even the sawdust, are all used in a steam distillation unit to

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Photgraph of raw tigernuts in plastic cups and a text overlay "Tigernut Oil"

Tigernuts make Chufa Oil

Tigernuts. Just what is tigernut? First thing to know is that it is not a nut, so, good news if you have nut allergies. They are a tuber that is commonly grown in the Valencia area of Spain and it produces an amazing Tigernut Oil that is also called Chufa Oil that is rich in nutrients for your skin and hair.

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Close up photo of several pomegranate fruits cut in half and a text overlay "Pomegranate Seed Oil repairs UV damaged skin, reduces wrinkles AND conditions your hair!"

Pomegranate Seed Oil

I adore Pomegranate Seed Oil because you get so much bang for your buck! Sure, it’s a little more pricey that your average oil, but this is not an average oil. I don’t know of any other vegetable oil whereby using just 1% in a formulation has such a huge effect. I use it in

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photo of a man with a damp face with a text overlay "The difference between hydrolats and hydrosols and how to use them for all skin types including acne, eczema, and psoriasis"
Hydrosols & Hydrolats

The Difference Between Hydrolats And Hydrosols

People ask “What’s the difference between hydrolats and hydrosols?” Oh, if only it was a simple answer because there are others words also used to mean the same thing; Flower Waters, Hydrolates as well as the very old terms, Aromatic Waters and Spirituous Waters. So, let’s go through just what is a hydrosol, and learn

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image of a red rose in full bloom with a text overlay "Make Your Own DIY Rose & Niacinamide Facial Toner"
Free Recipe

DIY Facial Toner

DIY Facial Toner Have you ever thought that toners might be a waste of money or just something that you would like to be able to afford? Are they something that you thought you wouldn’t have time to actually use? Do you wonder if you are missing out on something by not using a toner?

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image of a snow covered fir tree with a text overlay "5 ways to use black spruce essential oil"
Essential Oil

5 Ways To Use Black Spruce Essential Oil

5 Ways To Use Black Spruce Essential Oil I first came across Black Spruce Essential Oil when I was on a perfumery training course. In perfumery, it brings a sweet, floral undertone and helps to hold a blend together. It is unmistakably a pine oil, but it smells very crisp, slightly green, and fresh, with

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