Old fashioned chemists bottles of glycerin with suggested uses for glycerin on the label.

Uses For Glycerin

Everyone has heard of it, but what is Glycerin used for? The uses of Glycerin are numerous, from food to medications but let’s stick to cosmetics here and clear up some confusion first. Glycerin vs Glycerine? The words are interchangeable and mean the same thing. Chemically, its INCI name is Glycerol. As the word ends

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Two people with spray bottles showing how to use MCT oil.

How To Use MCT Oil

Before we start to learn about how to use MCT Oil, it would make sense to find out exactly what it is. MCT stands for Medium-Chain Triglycerides and are probably best known from articles in magazines featuring ketogenic or diets for bodybuilding. A ketogenic diet is a food plan whereby you eat very low levels

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Photo of a woman with stretch marks for removal.
Free Recipe

Stretch Mark Removal

Let me say right at the start that Stretch Mark removal does depend on the type of stretch marks and how old they are. Obviously, reducing the appearance of them does take time so be patient. Sometimes, really bad Stretch Marks can’t be removed completely without steroids, laser treatment or other surgery, but this simple,

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Picture of mold on a product.

Natural Preservatives In Cosmetics

Natural preservatives in cosmetics are one the hot topics of this decade. What do you mean by natural? This means different things to different people. I was at a cosmetic seminar once when one delegate got up and said he was fed up with “all these green, eco-hippies screaming about pesticides and herbicides!” He went

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Photos of tocopherol capsules, also known as Vitamin E.


Tocopherol (more commonly known as Vitamin E) is a major buzz word in the beauty industry. Antioxidants for skin are in the most ski products adverts now. However, there is a lot of confusion between claims made for medical use of Vitamin E and claims made for cosmetic use of Tocopherol. The BBC reports that

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