photo of hald a lemon being dropped into a glass of water and a text overlay "5 ways to kick start your mornings"
Health Tips

5 Ways To Kick Start Your Mornings

5 Ways To Kick-Start Your Mornings I have done a range of different shift work jobs in my life, and getting started in the morning (whatever time that happened to be) was always the biggest struggle. When working for the police in London, we had shifts that started at 6 am, 8 am, 10 am,

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Photograph of a golden fractal illustrating the fractal nature of Fragonia™ Essential Oil.
Essential Oil

Fragonia™ Essential Oil

Fragonia™ Essential Oil is a pale yellow, thin oil with a fresh, cineolic aroma that has notes of fruity florals and slightly spicy cinnamon with a balsamic undertone. The overall impression is very green, fresh and uplifting. It is made by steam distillation of the leaves and twigs of the plant. Scientific Name Fragonia™ Essential

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photo of a group of marathon runners legs and a text overlay "4 Ingredients To Make Your Own Super Effective Muscle Rub"
Free Recipe

Muscle Rub

A Muscle Rub is designed to be multi functional. The application of it before exercise will stimulate the micro circulation in the area it is applied to, and start to warm up the muscle. As you know, warming up before any exercise is important to reduce potential injury to the muscles. Ideally, the product should

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Olives that give olive oil benefits to skin.

Olive Oil Benefits For Skin

Olive Oil is a green to yellowish green oil with a typical olive aroma that is made from pressing the fruits of the olive tree. The oil can solidify at low temperatures or if it is kept in the fridge. This does not harm it at all, it is just the fatty esters firming up.

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Plastic building blocks illustrating the chemistry of aromatherapeutic oils.

The Chemistry Of Aromatherapeutic Oils

For too long, the chemistry of aroma therapeutic oils many aromatherapists sigh with despair. Any good school teaches this as a separate module, and it is really useful to enable you to make good choices. This does not apply to fragrance oils at all, even though many fragrance oils will contain many of these ingredients.

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Picture of a single incense stick burning made using patchouli oil.
Essential Oil

Patchouli Essential Oil

Patchouli Essential Oil can be a very divisive oil, whereby some people love it and some people loathe it. Often, I have found that varies quite a lot with the age of the person and how much of it was being used or diffused in the room. Certainly, Patchouli incense can completely overpower a room

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