Trauma Oil – Plai Essential Oil Benefits

Photograph of a copper distillation unit for essential oils.

Plai essential oil benefits anyone who has pain and I’m guessing that you have never heard of it? It comes from Thailand and it starts off as a root tuber that is related to ginger.  However, ginger essential oil makes the skin feel hot whereas Plai Essential Oil has a wonderful cooling effect. In my …

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Xanthan Gum and Hydroxyethylcellulose

A photograph of a mans hand with a blob of clear gel made from hydroxyethylcellulose.

Xanthan Gum and Hydroxyethylcellulose are two thickening agents that are commonly used in cosmetic skincare products. One is easy to use and the other is a little more difficult but they both give good results and I use both of them in my book. There are others like Rice Starch (which is incredible), Konjac Glucomannan, …

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Infused Olive Oil for Cooking

A photograph of infused olive oil for cooking used in a version of a Spanish aioloi recipe, served with crackers.

Infused olive oil for cooking seems out of place in a blog about making your own skin care so why am I talking about using infused olive oil in cooking? In my book Off Your Face Creams, I give you the option of using a small amount of cannabis in whichever oil is being used …

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Tigernuts make Chufa Oil

Cups of tigernuts ready for eating as a snack. The same tigernuts can be pressed to make the wonderful Chufa Oil.

Tigernuts. Just what is tigernut? First thing to know is that it is not a nut, so, good news if you have nut allergies. They are a tuber that is commonly grown in the Valencia area of Spain and it produces an amazing Tigernut Oil that is also called Chufa Oil that is rich in nutrients for your skin and hair.