Uses For Glycerin

Old fashioned chemists bottles of glycerin with suggested uses for glycerin on the label.

Everyone has heard of it, but what is Glycerin used for? The uses of Glycerin are numerous, from food to medications but let’s stick to cosmetics here and clear up some confusion first. Glycerin vs Glycerine? The words are interchangeable and mean the same thing. Chemically, its INCI name is Glycerol. As the word ends …

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Urea In Urine. Did You Pee In My Foot Cream?

A photograph of an old fashioned overhead toilet flush with a ceramic handle.

Urea is an incredibly good moisturiser and softens hard skin on the feet incredibly well. Nowadays, it is made from ammonia – so we all relax now. Urea is a component that is found in urine, but so are salts and water.