Dl Panthenol

Dl Panthenol is a wonderful ingredient for your skin, as well as your hair. It is available in powdered form, but I prefer the liquid form as it does not cake or harden up like the powder sometimes can.

It is a combination of D Panthenol and L Panthenol. The combination is readily absorbed by the skin and the D Panthenol part converts into Pantothenic Acid which is also known as Vitamin B5.

The INCI is Panthenol and it is water soluble. I generally recommend using it between 2% and 5% in your products. It can be added directly to toners and gels. In cuticle gels, it will penetrate the top layer of the nail and keep it moisturized. This makes the nail stronger and the nail bed healthier. In creams and lotions, it needs to be added in the Cool Phase because it is heat sensitive.

D Panthenol for skin

There is a wide range of Vitamin B5 skin benefits to be gained adding this to your products. It improves the appearance of the skin by smoothing out any dry patches, scaliness or flaky skin. It does this by increasing the hydration within the skin and holding it there reducing water loss. This effect becomes even more noticeable when used regularly over several weeks.

D Panthenol was developed in the 1940’s and during the Second World War, it was used a lot to help with the healing of wounds. Studies showed that D Panthenol promotes the stimulation of epithelialization and granulation of the skin. This regenerative and rejuvenating effect is extremely desirable in skincare products.

It is excellent for stopping itchy skin with eczema and psoriasis. It soothes the skin as it has a good anti inflammatory effect and improves the elasticity of the skin.

I use it in the Mind Blowing Massage Cream, Blissed Out Body Butter, Cool Conditioner Bar and Stir Crazy Gel in my book. All of these products are cannabis infused and, as you can now see, will have incredible skin care benefits as well.

D Panthenol for hair

Panthenol hair products are plentiful out there and many of them promote Pro Vitamin B5 for hair. This is a little confusing because D Panthenol only converts into Vitamin B5 when it comes into contact with living tissue – your hair shafts are not living tissue. The keratin which makes up your hair is dead. Therefore, the D Panthenol only converts to Vitamin B5 on the scalp. BUT – a Vitamin B5 deficiency is linked to hair loss and the D Panthenol WILL convert to Vitamin B5 on your scalp so this can help to reduce hair loss and even stimulate hair growth.

D Panthenol is really good to use in hair products for other reasons. It makes the keratin layers lie flat. If you look at one of your hair under a microscope, you’ll see that it has lots of overlapping keratin scales – sort of like roof tiles overlapping.

When your hair is bleached or colored, the bleach lifts up the keratin scales so that the product can bleach the cortex of the hair shaft. That is what lightens the hair color. If you don’t apply a suitable product afterwards, your hair will feel like straw because all those raised keratin scales feel very rough. Your hair will be very prone to breakage.

Along comes D Panthenol to the rescue. It binds easily to the hair shaft and closes the keratin shafts down so they lie very flat against each other. This makes the hair very easy to comb through as it will not tangle. The flat keratin also reflects the light very well so your hair will look shiny. Keeping the keratin scales flat also keeps moisture locked into the hair shaft better which stops it from being so dry. That will also make it stronger and more flexible – much less prone to breakage.

Your hair will be easier to style and less prone to damage from heated devices like curling tongs.

It gets even better. If you have colored your hair, D Panthenol will slow down the oxidation as it protects the hair cortex. That means your color will last longer and not fade so fast.

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