This is the highest chakra which gives clarity and connects with our ability to be fully connected spiritually. When your crown chakra is fully open, it is possible to access a higher consciousness. It is meditative, purifying, expansive and grounding.

Mantra: “I am a vessel for love and light”

Color: Violet or white

Element: Divine Consciousness

Stone: Clear quartz

How To Get The Best Quality Products?

It’s always a concern when you buy something for the first time, to know that you are getting good quality. Some of the heaviest marketing for essential oils is done by the MLM companies – I’m sure you have heard of the big names? Well, someone has to pay for all that market AND the high commissions the resellers get (spoiler alert – it’s you that pays) and, in my experience, the quality is not always what I would choose to use. I’ve hunted around and checked online paperwork to find suppliers that offer the best quality products at a fair price, and also make it easy for you. I recommend these that are available on Amazon;