Massage Oil Blend #1

Over three decades ago, I decided that I wanted to learn how to do massage properly. The only course I could find was an aromatherapy course that included massage as well. I signed up and turned up for the first class in an old Victorian school. For the massage section, there were tables laid out in the old gym and the smell of the massage oil blend that the previous class had used infused the room.

It was a fabulous room with high, Gothic arched windows and a parquet wooden floor that was well polished and gleamed in the dappled sunlight that came in through the windows. It was a sunny day and the tops of the windows had stained glass that flooded splashes of color across the wooden floor. I swear I could still smell the old chalk dust in the air.

The first aromatherapy massage I experienced was a massage oil blend of Lavender Essential Oil, Geranium Essential Oil and Rosemary Essential Oil. The aromatherapy oils were just in a Sweet Almond Oil base and the memory of that fragrance and the whole ambience has stayed with me. I had no idea at the time that aromatherapy and naturopathy would later become my full time career and passion.

Here I have taken the same aromatherapy oils and blended them into a much more effective and beautiful feeling massage oil – that can also be cannabis infused!

Massage Oil Blend #1

Oil Phase (room temperature)

30g Meadowfoam Seed Oil *USA / *CAN / *DE / *ES / *FR / *IT  / *NL / *UK

30g Rice Bran Oil *USA / *CAN / *DE / *ES / *FR / *IT  / *NL / *UK

30g Marula Oil *USA / *CAN / *DE / *ES / *FR / *IT  / *NL / *UK

Cool Phase (room temperature)

7g Squalane *USA / *CAN / *DE / *ES / *FR / *IT  / *NL / *UK

2g Vitamin E *USA / *CAN / *DE / *ES / *FR / *IT  / *NL / *UK

0.5g Lavender Essential Oil *USA / *CAN / *DE / *ES / *FR / *IT  / *NL / *UK

0.3g Rosemary Essential Oil *USA / *CAN / *DE / *ES / *FR / *IT  / *NL / *UK

0.2g Geranium Essential Oil *USA / *CAN / *DE / *ES / *FR / *IT  / *NL / *UK

100g Total Weight


Weigh, then combine all the ingredients together. Mix well, bottle and label.

If you want to make this a cannabis infused blend, the three oils in the Oil Phase are all heat tolerant and can all be cannabis infused. You can find full instructions for how to infuse oils with cannabis in my book.

When made, this oil blend will be good for at least 12 months but don’t leave it on a sunny windowsill or in a hot place. It might seem obvious to say, but you don’t have to use this oil blend for massage. You can use it anywhere you would like on your body. Just try a small amount to see how it feels on your skin and adjust how much you use accordingly. It’s suitable to use on your face well.

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3 thoughts on “Massage Oil Blend #1”

  1. I just completed reading this book. The author clearly and concisely lays out the various formulas and the results you can expect. As a novice, it’s exactly what I needed to inspire me to make my own.

  2. I made this blend up this week – I’m really pleased with it! Meadowfoam and Marula are knew to me so it was a bit of a leap of faith, but the whole blend is simply gorgeous! I haven’t actually had a massage with it because of lock down rules but I use it after my shower. A little goes a very long way.


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