Orange Essential Oil

Orange Essential Oil is possibly one of the most popular essential oils and not just for aromatherapy massage. It is one of the major oils used in food and drink production and it is a massive industry.

Aromatherapy oils are often adulterated, diluted or simply are not essential oils and are fragrance oils instead. Even with an oil so abundant as Orange Essential Oil, there will be suppliers selling inferior quality oils.

A qualified aromatherapist can often tell tale signs of a dodgy essential oil and what to look for from a supplier. Part of that is the INCI which tells you what the actual product is and the CosIng entry will confirm what part of the plant has been used to make the essential oil. CosIng is the database used within the European Union but many countries globally also refer to it as the standard is excellent. This is the entry for Orange Essential Oil and you will see that the single function is “perfuming” which it does do very well, but there are so much more therapeutic Orange Oil benefits.

Essential oils and emotions

Many aromatherapy oils are used by qualified aromatherapists and Orange Essential Oil is frequently used in a diffuser in the room to gently release emotional tensions such as domestic problems or work stresses whilst the therapist gets on with their treatment. Including it in other aromatherapy products means this can have a positive trigger effect when the products are used by the client at home.

Even on your own and you have that feeling of wanting to have a good cry, it can be a good oil to allow those emotions out and then gently lift you to a calmer place.

My personal emotional bond with Orange Essential Oil is that it gives me a silly smile on my face and connects the inner child in me to the current grumpy old man. I feel the weight lift off my shoulders and it allows a more playful “me” to emerge.

How to use orange essential oil to scent a room

An aromatherapy diffuser is the best way to fragrance your home. Oil burners can run dry or be knocked over by pets or children. An aromatherapy diffuser pulls the aromatherapy oils right out of the bottle by sonic vibration. This way, the Orange Essential Oil is not damaged by heat. A good machine also has settings so you can not only change the amount of oil being diffused but also time it to come on and off over a period of time. That way, you get a gentle hint of fragrance all day long without being overpowered by it. They are usually USB charged and are safe as there are no naked flames. Even so, keep the unit out of reach of children and please read safety warnings for the essential oil you are diffusing to make sure it is safe for anyone in the house as well as pets. This is a good one here

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Orange Essential Oil for skincare

Orange Essential Oil uses in the cosmetic industry are numerous because it has such a strong safety profile – it is even safe to use on children and in baby products.

In facial oil blends and products it helps to brighten dull and lifeless skin tones. It adds a luminescence and is brilliant to use on problem skin with spots. Even though it is excellent to use on oily skin, it is not astringent and is a great choice to use on all skin types.

It encourages collagen formation in your skin. That means that over a period of time, your skin will look firmer and be more resilient. What’s not to like about that?

Many spas include Orange Oil in their body wraps as it is a diuretic (helps you to shed excess water) and it is even more effective when blended with Grapefruit Essential Oil. This combination will also help you relax and unwind. This has even been scientifically evaluated.

Essential oils and emotions are very closely linked and this oil is no exception. It’s refreshing so can gently lift you out of the blues but is also relaxing. A great oil to use when things have been hectic or even traumatic. Blended with Frankincense Essential Oil in an aromatherapy massage blend, it has a powerful calming effect restoring optimism. Don’t forget that an aromatherapy massage blend does not have to be used only in an aromatherapy massage – you can use it anywhere on your body yourself.

If you add the oil to your shampoo, it will help to balance a greasy scalp.

Chemical Profile & Adverse Effects

There are no adverse effects. It’s a safe oil to use on sensitive skin, children and even babies (in a very small dilution). It is also not phototoxic.

D-Limonene is a terpene from the monoterpene chemical family. It’s very commonly found in all citrus essential oils and Limonene has been intensively researched.

Limonene is a good antioxidant which means it is effective against free radical damage. Free radicals damage your collagen and elastin and are responsible to wrinkles and aging skin. It’s no fountain of youth but having some good antioxidants in your skincare is an excellent idea to slow this down. Limonene also builds up in the tissues which makes it incredibly effective.

Limonene is great for fighting bacteria and is a good boost to your immune system. Careful not to make this sound like it is the new “wonder drug”, but orange Essential Oil has always been used for these benefits so it’s part of an overall package of self care and good body maintenance.

When tested, it was found that Limonene helps to reduce minor pain from aching muscles and joints. Again, this ties in so well with what the naturopaths have known for decades.

Limonene is effective as a minor pain reliever.  Limonene reduced widespread pain in the bones and muscles of mice.

Esoteric Aspects and the 7 Chakras

My 8 years of training in clinical aromatherapy included a lot of chemistry and scientific research as I worked for UCLH which is a major teaching hospital in London. However, my training was holistic and brought in herbalism and the esoteric aspects which I really resonated with. If you work with the chakras, Orange Essential Oil resonates with;

2nd Chakra / Sacral Chakra – this is about expressing your emotions and sexuality

4th Chakra / Heart Chakra – this is about emotional healing, good mental health and unconditional love

6th Chakra / Third Eye Chakra – this is about self learning apart from the physical world

Just a reminder not to use aromatherapy oils undiluted. Always dilute them with a vegetable oil and use just a few drops to start with. Always read up first to check for contraindications and use safely.

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