Squalane Cleanser

A Squalane cleanser is really simple to make. The purpose of a cleanser is to remove daily dirt and grime from your face, as well as make up, if you have been wearing any. It is important for men as well as women to use a cleanser daily to keep their skin clean. For men who shave, using a Squalane cleanser first, will cleanse the oily residue from the bristles and lift the bristle slightly, thus allowing the razor to give a closer shave. This applies to electric shavers as well, although you should wipe the excess Squalane cleanser off first, to ensure the skin is dry.

Is Squalane Vegan?

Yes, as long as you, but an olive based one like the ones itemized in the formulation below. It is too easy to get a Squalene that comes from shark livers and some unscrupulous dealers try to pass this off as the better Olive Squalane. You may have noticed the two different ways to spell this by changing the “e” to an “a”. I explain the difference between Squalene vs Squalane in this blog.

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Squalane Cleanser – Free Recipe

Equipment Needed:

  • Alcohol to disinfect and cleanse the equipment
  • Paper towels for cleaning up
  • Digital scales for weighing
  • Stainless steel or glass jug for mixing
  • Teaspoon for stirring
  • 100ml bottle for the finished product

Here’s The Formulation:

The essential oil is optional. It’s very light and safe to use on all skin types. However, if you prefer to have a product with no essential oils, simply leave it out and add 1g more of the Camellia Seed Oil.

Fat Phase (room temperature)

100g Total Weight

Here’s The Method:

  • Use some alcohol to wipe down your working area and clean your containers.
  • Weigh your Fat Phase ingredients on the scales and then place into a stainless steel or glass jug, stir thoroughly to combine well, then put into your bottle and label with the date.
  • To use this oil, you can either pour a little of the cleanser onto your fingertips and work it into your skin, or apply it to a damp cotton pad to work into your skin. Work it around for a few moments, spending extra time on the eye area if you have makeup there – remember to keep your eyes closed. Then simply wipe off with damp cotton pads or a damp face cloth.

Here’s a few misconceptions

  • Lots of people think that spending some money on a cleanser is a bit of a waste of time because it goes down the drain anyway.

Wrong! A rubbish cleanser does a rubbish job of cleansing – simple as that.

  • If it’s cheap and is going down the drain anyway, it’s going to be pretty harmful to the skin if you leave any on. You have to really make sure you get every bit of it off.

Wrong! Not with this cleanser. It’s really effective and gentle on your skin as well. More on that in a moment!

  • It’s better to spend more money on a heavily advertised product.

Wrong! It’s you that ends up paying for all the adverts – doesn’t make the product any better!

Other ways to use this cleanser

  • This cleanser can be used to cleanse your face. If you have been repairing the car or changing a tyre, it will clean up your hands. If your baby has done what babies do – it will clean up after you have taken the diaper off. Yep! It’s gentle enough to use on a baby’s butt (although it is best if the blend is made up without any essential oil at all for a baby product).
  • Now that your baby has a nice clean butt, rub a few more drops in to ensure there is no diaper rash. Yep, it’s conditioning AND protective. So, how about a few drops massaged into your hands before you do the gardening, and then use it again to clean your hands afterwards.
  • If you have just shaved, massage in a few drops to soothe any irritation and condition your skin. If you are sporting a mustache or beard, a few drops rubbed in will condition and tame it into submission.
  • After you have cleansed your face, add a few drops to your fingertips and massage it in again. It’s a nourishing facial oil as well. It’s suitable for all skin types, but especially effective for acne prone skin (because of the Squalane).
  • Are your hands in dire need of TLC because of the amount of alcohol hand gel we have all been using? Use this oil blend to restore and replenish your skin!

Look at how many other products this simple, but effective oil has replaced! Now that is money well spent.

If you don’t have a set of digital scales, these are really affordable and easy to get  – follow the link for your country.


If you found this easy to follow and want to know more about professional skin care using cannabis, you will find all the formulations in my book well laid out and easy to follow.


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  1. Thanks for this – it’s nice to get a freebie! I’ve ordered some stuff off Amazon today so will hopefully get it tomorrow Looking forward to trying the cleanser out. I’ve seen how much the brand “The Ordinary” charge for their squalane cleanser!

    • Certainly! You could just leave the essential oil out. If you do use another one, check to see what the safety levels are (1% might be too strong for the face) and also consider how strong the aroma is. 1% Ylang Ylang would just be overpowering.

  2. Just to follow up, I have been using this for a couple of weeks now and am simply amazed at how well it works. It doesn’t feel oily or greasy afterwards but it really gets my make up off (I’m old school and wear quite heavy eye make up). My skin is really showing the difference. Thank you so much.


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