Black Spruce Essential Oil

Photograph of a Canadian forest from which Black Spruce Essential Oil is produced.

Black Spruce Essential Oil is a clear to pale yellow oil that is thin and fluid. It is obtained from steam distillation of the needles and twigs of the Black Spruce tree. Typically, it comes from Canada where it is the dominant tree in the boreal forest and an important part of the ecosystem. Scientific …

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Olive Oil Benefits For Skin

Olives that give olive oil benefits to skin.

Olive Oil is a green to yellowish green oil with a typical olive aroma that is made from pressing the fruits of the olive tree. The oil can solidify at low temperatures or if it is kept in the fridge. This does not harm it at all, it is just the fatty esters firming up. …

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Dl Panthenol

Laboratory glassware containing d-panthenol.

Dl Panthenol is a wonderful ingredient for your skin, as well as your hair. It is available in powdered form, but I prefer the liquid form as it does not cake or harden up like the powder sometimes can. It is a combination of D Panthenol and L Panthenol. The combination is readily absorbed by …

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Rosalina Essential Oil

A dropper of rosalina essential oil distilled from the paperbark tree.

Rosalina Essential Oil is a lovely oil that is not so well known out of the aromatherapy arena. That is because it is a relatively new essential oil. It has a couple of other common names; Lavender Tea Tree and Swamp Paperbark Tree Oil. The last name gives you a clue as to its origin …

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