Muscle Rub

Photo of a male and female running having used a Muscle Rub before exercise.

A Muscle Rub is designed to be multi functional. The application of it before exercise will stimulate the microcirculation in the area it is applied to, and start to warm up the muscle. As you know, warming up before any exercise is important to reduce potential injury to the muscles. Ideally, the product should have …

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Rice Bran Wax

A hand holding rice bran from which rice bran wax is made.

Rice Bran Wax is an oil thickening agent used as a vegan alternative to beeswax. It comes in white pellets or flakes and comes from the bran of brown rice when it is hulled to make white rice. The same brown rice bran is what is used to produce Rice Bran Oil and the wax is …

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