Green Mandarin Essential Oil

Photo of green mandarin fruits on the tree and a text overlay "Green Mandarin Essential Oil"

Green Mandarin Essential Oil is a clear to slight green oil that has the most amazingly fresh aroma of freshly cut mandarins – with a strong kick of green in the fragrance as well. It is more tart than sweet and is really mouth watering. It is cold pressed from the rind of the green, …

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Dl Panthenol

Laboratory glassware containing d-panthenol.

Dl Panthenol is a wonderful ingredient for your skin, as well as your hair. It is available in powdered form, but I prefer the liquid form as it does not cake or harden up like the powder sometimes can. It is a combination of D Panthenol and L Panthenol. The combination is readily absorbed by …

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Lavender Essential Oil

A lavender field ready to be harvested and distilled into lavender essential oil.

Lavender essential oil is one of the most recognizable essential oils around. With hundreds of varieties grown, these fragrances vary from strong camphoraceous (granny-like) to fine fruit notes that are used in top end perfumery. Predating the Bible, washing of clothes and bedding was always done down by the river. After washing, the fabrics were …

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Emollient Examples

An emollient example in a spray bottle.

Just what is an emollient? A dictionary definition is “having the power of softening or relaxing, as a medicinal substance; soothing, especially to the skin”. You can see just how broad that definition is, and vegetable oils and butters such as Shea Butter and Coconut Oil are superb emollient examples. WebMD says that common emollient …

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